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Post  Wrath_Maker on Thu Apr 17, 2008 1:12 pm

Hey I love advertising and promotional stuff so I just wanted to say that , don't forget to tell people about this website guys I've seen that we had only 16 registered users total. This is a forum so we want as many people to join as possible so that we can become a popular site and stuff. I mean don't you think it would be kinda cool if you heard people in the street, in school and everywhere else talkin about this site. that would be mad hot!
I'm just sayin don't forget to tell people about this site even if it's a gamer you know at school, work, or just met somewhere on the street or vacation resort anywhere.

Like i said I love to advertise and promote stuff so I tell everyone I know about this site even if i know that they aren't interested. you never know if one day they are bored on the internet they might go to this site and say, "Oh well I guesss I'll join." It's that easy. just spread the word you guys. I would expect at least 8-10 people joining this site every month.
I like this site and I go on it a lot. I can tell the administrator put a lot of his time on this site cuz it's so very well organized and easy to navigate through. IU know that the administrators will keep adding things to this site to make it cooler than it already is.

I just want this site to make it BIG!

I mean who wouldn't? I go on this site more than myspace. And you guys kow there arre some crazy myspace freaks out there.

Anyway spread the word once again. Cuz I'm gonna whatever I can to get people to join this cool ass site.

Oh and if you are part of other peer-to-peer sites tell them to you know like myspace, facebook, Ps3news, etc...

Thanks for reading gamers! cheers

Wrath Maker

Number of posts : 62
Age : 29
Chicago : Allentown, Pennsylvania
Registration date : 2008-03-23

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