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Warhawk Trick Not Glitch

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Warhawk Trick Not Glitch Empty Warhawk Trick Not Glitch

Post  .:Mr. Zero:. on Tue Apr 15, 2008 8:17 pm

Hey guys, I found this trick when I was bord while using my PS3. So, I was playing Warhawk & found this. Yay!

Note: To have real fun with this you'll need a lot of people on your team that you know(make the server so only your friends join, use the password option), have at least one person or local on the other team, and allow team switch. And once you do this, you and your friends will eventually take 1 suicide, sorry.

1st- Get your people ready, make sure you guys have good headsets, and make sure you all get the health pack item.

2nd- Make sure the map you have chosen will let you all walk across the danger zone and into the damage zone.

3rd- Now get all your guys together at the danger zone.

4th- Now one of you thow a health pack into the damage zone pretty far, but not too far and all of you run onto the pack(don't worry about your health too much because the health pack you're all standing on will regenerate your health).

5th- Now repeat step 4 over & over again, telling your teammates when 1 of you run out of health packs, allowing the next person to start throwing their health pack.

6th- Now you all should be down to the person with the last health pack, but before you throw the last one, all of you pull out your map. If there were a lot of you, you would be very far from the original map & you guys should be completely into the unmarked territory.

7th- Throw the last health pack & get ready for 1 suicide...

Note: If you pay attention to the background, you can hear one of Warhawk's battle songs, which the game thinks you're in a firefight & under attack by enemy fire, this is a bonus...
.:Mr. Zero:.
.:Mr. Zero:.

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Warhawk Trick Not Glitch Empty Re: Warhawk Trick Not Glitch

Post  Wrath_Maker on Tue Apr 22, 2008 12:56 pm

LOL. Funny Laughing

Wrath Maker

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