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Xbox 360 Spring Update

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Xbox 360 Spring Update Empty Xbox 360 Spring Update

Post  Rican Blaze on Mon Mar 24, 2008 7:33 pm

Xbox 360 Spring Update
Complete Features List

New Features

* Download Manager: Marketplace items now download in the background, you can queue up to six pieces of content.
* DVD bookmark support will remember the filmís timing and location when resuming viewing.
* Fast-forward and rewind now offered at 2x -16x for any videos saved to hard drive.
* Boot to Dashboard setting will bypass the loading of any disc in the drive and open directly to Dashboard during power-on.
* You can begin slideshows from any photo.
* The music player saves "shuffle" setting.
* The music player saves "repeat" setting.
* The music player now displays which file is currently playing in the playlist.
* The music volume level persists between game / reboots.
* Eight new locales added (Chile, Brazil, India, South Africa, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Slovakia).
* Separate settings are now offered for Game and User volume controls.
* Themes can now be set from the "System" blade on the Dashboard.
* User-selected music continues play when switching from Dashboard to game or game to Dashboard.
* "All Arcade Games" added as a selection in the Xbox Live Arcade area.
* Personal gamer pictures are now allowed, displayed only to those on your friends list.
* Added support to disable sound effects when navigating Dashboard.
* Instantaneous "Change Theme" option has been added upon downloading new Dashboard Themes.
* You can preserve the folder structure of source when viewing photos.
* A / B labels now provided to identify memory units in Dashboard.
* Online status is set to "Away" when screensaver becomes active.

System Improvements

DVD Player

* Improved the audio/video sync after extended pauses.
* Improved the visual quality.
* The DVD player outputs at native resolution over VGA connection.
* Improved the playback smoothness.
* Improved the fast-forward and rewind smoothness.
* DVD play continues to attempt to read a disc after "disc read" error.
* DVD play Pause / Play jitter / out of synch issues improved.
* DVD play Slow Play / Play jitter / out of synch issues improved.
* Repaired issues with missing menu selection icon from DVD disc menu for certain films.
* Improved Xbox 360 Guide efficiency during certain films.
* Repaired playback stutter during certain films.

Music Player

* Player now populates music data (Title, Artist, etc.) when no track information is available.
* User music now pauses, instead of stopping, when games override user-selected background music.
* Selecting an artistís <UNTITLED> album no longer displays <UNTITLED> albums for all artists.
* Improved the performance when retrieving playlists from a Windows Media connection.
* Music tracks listed in order when viewing albums by specific artist.
* Unified music controls available for music player in Dashboard and pop-up Guide.
* Improved the playback for mono AAC-encoded files.
* Improved the connection timing between console and CD database over Internet.
* The player no longer allows hard-drive selection when no hard-drive is connected.
* Removed handling of MTP/USB devices when playing music from them more robust.
* Improved error codes / messaging associated with unplayable content.

Localization Improvements

* Fixed partially truncated strings in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.
* Korean clock / date format corrected after initial set-up.
* Fixed system hang when changing the language of the console immediately after signing out.
* Korean virtual keyboard "down" navigation now works for lower-right button.
* Korean virtual keyboard caps disabled for input mode.
* Fixed overlapping characters for pre-paid Gold membership card (Japanese localization).
* Removed extra spaces in several translated words (French localization).
* PC name displayed properly when containing Japanese characters.
* Support added for single-apostrophe character for Japanese virtual keyboard.

Memory Area Improvements

* Streamlined selection: no profile selection required.
* Improved overall performance, allowing quicker access to content.
* Improved content views including name, file type, size, profile owner, and location.
* Faster identification of file types and fewer steps for actions such as copy, move, delete, etc.
* Capacity (or percentage-full) of storage device is now consistent between select-a-device and storage scenes.
* Device selection now shown on each screen to improve usability.

Miscellaneous System Improvements

* Time elapsed now displayed when playing music files.
* Media library categorization enhanced.
* Accelerated scrolling added for large music lists.
* New "shuffle" icon added.
* Repeat / Shuffle icon now operates as toggle button.
* Default button for manual IP address is now "A" instead of "Done."
* Hidden and system folders are no longer displayed from MTP / mass storage devices.
* Difficulty levels for gamer profiles are now ordered correctly.
* Added additional line and word-wrap to "Publisher" in video area.
* Shuffle / Random no longer skips last image in list when viewing photos.
* Improved handling of Friend Requests between gamertags that have changed names.
* No longer asked "Exit to Dash?" when switching between areas in the Dashboard.
* New error messages appear when Windows Live ID requires password change.
* Unlocked Achievements are now displayed first in Game Summary page.
* Selecting an Achievement now shows the specific Achievement details.
* Updated messaging added for deleting arcade games purchased by different profiles.
* System no longer launches music CD in disc-tray when moving from Live sign-up to Dashboard or Network Troubleshooter.
* Voice quality improved when connected through wired gamepad.
* "Last Played Game" selection in Xbox Live Arcade shown first before enumerating all games (when Arcade game was last game played).
* Improved performance of picture enumeration from iPods formatted for Mac.
* Latest updates adopted to Cero-based ratings for Family Settings.
* Videos downloaded from Marketplace now shown in the Video area of the Media blade.
* Improved usability added around "Play Now" when downloading demos, trailers, and videos.
* Added support for South Africa-specific Family Settings.
* Updated support for Japanese game ratings.
* Video area changed to include game trailers and entertainment videos.
* Improved robustness of Gamerscore when doing account recoveries.
* Improved messaging around handling corrupt or non-fully recovered profiles.
* Improved download performance for popular content being downloaded through Marketplace.
* Total USB keyboard support added.
* Testing Live connection while streaming music from PC now works correctly.
* Next item / Focus sound not played when scrolling past the bottom of the video list.
* Handle profiles on memory units inserted into system while enumerating profiles from other storage locations.
* Warning / Alert icons now show as part of deleting items in Memory area.
* Repeat rate for remote control matches game controller repeat rate.
* "A" button disabled when in a list with no items available.
* Wireless battery level added to mini-pop-up guide over backward-compatible games.
* Pop-up guide / Dashboard now supports USB keyboard.
* Console no longer enters "charge" mode when shutdown and the battery has been removed from wireless controller.
* System no longer waits indefinitely when attempting to contact Windows Media Connect service on XP PC.
* Improved Marketplace storage device selector added.
* Correctly set focus on selected item when back button pressed on "select a game" scene.
* Notify users when multiple wireless SSIDS with identical names are within reach.
* Gold membership information provided when trying to join a session or accepting game invites with Silver accounts.
* New text to highlight the ability to clear the passcode for Live account signing.
* Photo slideshow no longer resumes when pressing "previous" or "next" from paused state.
* Improved handling of corrupt profiles added when deleting them.
* System no longer turn off wireless gamepads after system update reboot.
* More robust handling of initial setup experience for memory unit users added.
* Improved handling of backward-compatible update experience, reboot back into Xbox v1 environment instead of Dashboard.
* Improved handling for "block communications" from other players.
* Improved keypress sounds when using USB keyboard.
* Improved usability and performance of content enumeration for storage devices.
* Visual location for where Xbox Live Arcade games reside now shown.
* Improved user messaging added when overwriting content while copying.
* Improved consistency of messaging between "sign out" and "switch profile."
* Updated troubleshooter text for connection to Windows PCs joined to domain.
* Better support for Xbox 360 game disc recognition added.
* Improved initial setup text messaging added.
* Improved overall error message terminology added.
* Game updates downloaded to memory unit no longer show "please reinsert" notification when memory unit removed.
* More robust support added for handling game deletes from memory unit and simultaneously removing memory unit.
* Improved system performance added between console and affiliated Windows Media Connect PC.
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