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Welcome to PC Clans

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Welcome to PC Clans Empty Welcome to PC Clans

Post  Rican Blaze on Sun Mar 23, 2008 5:59 am

Welcome This is how clans work on here. Since i have just came up with the site i dont really know how to use it to its best u kno i plan on well back to clans u have a clan party of 5 u tell them to come here and sign up and then once u tell me ur 5 ill make ur clan's little forum so u guys can chat and stuff or hold tryouts and stuff. the only catch is that u must post at least one 3 post a day in ur "Special" thread. Well this is ur Admin Rican Blaze any Questions send me a message or take down my I.M and add me and I.M me im on all day. Thank You
Rican Blaze
Rican Blaze

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